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The Panorama Apartment

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The Panorama Apartment in Phu My Hung, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.


The Panorama is located in Kenh Dao Area which owns a “huge air conditioner” from surrounding natural landscape. In this area, the nature is arranged follow green tone with many styles: green of the landscape river flows by the shape of the land, on the side of the river is green land for a plan of 36 holes golf course, upper is a blue sky which link to each others and creates horizon which can be enjoyed any time in day; closer is 2 green parks of the urban with total area is nearby 16ha and this is like a green line surround Kenh Dao Area which is at the middle.


The Panorama Apartment appears with carving lines giving feeling of flying and charming from a construction with high architecture although it just in 3 curving lines like a triangle on a 2.4ha wide land adjacent the riverside. Two first lines are 2 blocks arranged from low to high (from 6 to 14 floors): one block in Northwest parallel with 40m wild Kenh Dao Street, at the middle are landscape park with area of 12,000sq.m, artificial canal with some bridges built softly, Eastern block is opposite to a park with area of 10,000sq.m. Reflecting to the landscape river in the South is 4 buildings with the highest one has 24 storeys which are arranged follow zigzag shape; this is the third curving line – the hypotenuse of triangle – linking to two other blocks. Quiet romantic, looking down from the height, Kenh Dao Area looked like a gigantic and quaint dragon in which The Panorama is stand out like “dragon head” with the posture of stamping cloud to fly to the sky, the curling body is villa areas links to each other in the East of Kenh Dao and dragon legs are the strong middle blocks along Kenh Dao Street until to Half-Mon Lake.


Check for Available The Panorama Apartment for rent:

3 Bedroom

4 Bedroom Duplex


The Panorama Apartment is designed to provide all-in-one full services, high quality commercial, high-rise residential and office facilities, complemented with professional landscaping and management services.


The Panorama Apartment Facilities & Services: Swimming Pool, Bar-Café, Restaurant, Supermarket, Fitness Center, 2 Tennis Courts, Banks, other Commercial Businesses, Front Desk Service and 24/7 Security.


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